A brief overview of Maria Kaimakis’ Awards/Accolades

Cypriana has received at total of 12 awards from, Baltimore’s Best The City Paper, Baltimore Magazine, Open Table and Yelp. well as Cypriana continues to provide its customers with the highest quality food, made from scratch, hand made dressings and soups. 

Baltimore's Best


City Paper
Best of Baltimore 2012

22 S. Greene St., cypriana.com,
(410) 328-2227

Most hospital food is sad-sack cafeteria fare, but not at University of Maryland Medical Center. Not only is the cafeteria actually above- average, but there are other eateries to choose from as well, including a Subway, an Au _Bon Pain, and Cypriana C afé. We are still mourning the loss of the Cypriana on Baltimore Street. The only thing that made us stop wearing black was learning of the UM where we can still munch on some of the best falafel and gyros the city has to offer It’s a filling, affordable meal that is guaranteed to make you feel better. Falafel is the best medicine, right?

A Guide to Dining Outdoors in Baltimore

By Richard Gorelick
May 28, 2004

Downtown, Cypriana: (120 E. BaltimoreSt., [410] 837-7482 represents the rare exception. In even semi-decent weather, the comer of Baltimore and Saint Paul streets is prime gathering space for lunching office workers. The sturdy two dozen tables in the boomerang-shaped dining space provide prime people-watching perches, and the restaurant’s excellent gyros, falafel, and Greek salads can be ordered from an out-side station.