Cypriana's Monday Mezze Madness for $35

Join Us Monday, August 19th, 2019

Mezze Madness for $35 including unlimited mezzedes, mastixa Chíos cocktails, and house wine.

Call to make reservations: (410) 837-7482

Mezzedes (All Inclusive)

Voted Baltimore’s Best over a half dozen times! A blend of chick peas, veggies and herbs, rolled like a meatball, fried crispy and served with out house-made tahini dressing.

Grilled Eggplant
Ripe eggplants, marinated with sea salt and olive oil and slowly grilled until tender. Garnished with our balsamic fig reduction.

Stuffed Grape Leaves
Hand-rolled, tender grape leaves, stuffed with a blend of lamb, beef, jasmine rice and pomodoro tomatoes. Served with our handmade mint and yogurt sauce.

Sesame-Roasted Feta
We start with imported Greek sheep’s milk FETA, sliced thick and roasted in our wood burning oven. Topped with delicious wildflower honey and toasted sesame seeds, and served with a fluffy hot pita right out of our oven.

Spinach and Cheese Pies
Traditional Greek spanakopites and tyropites.

Mezzedes (All Inclusive)

A blend of ground beef chuck and beef tenderloin, imported and home-grown Cyprus mint. Using our traditional family recipe, these are the most authentic Cyprus meatballs this side of the Mediterranean.

Wood-Roasted Olives
Using Cyprus, Greek and Italian olives, we roast them with fresh- squeezed lemon juice and Greek extra virgin olive oil until they are toasty on the top. Served with our wood-fired pita, this will take you straight back to the islands!

Wild Mushroom Stuffed Grape Leaves
Tender grape leaves, hand-rolled and stuffed with a blend of wild mushrooms and herbs, jasmine rice. Served with our tahini dressing on the side. It’s a vegan’s dream!

Mousaka of Cyprus
Layers of grilled eggplants, grilled zucchini, grilled potatoes,ground beef and lamb, topped with our chef’s creamy bechemel sauce.

Macaronia Tou Fournou
The perfect portion of oven-baked imported Greek pasta with beef, lamb, halloumi cheese, topped with cream sauce.